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#1 2011-12-01 22:26:55


Creating My own finggering to MIDI for custom interface

ok, where to start. I'm creating a music interface with the wiimotes, all stripped apart an rewiring all buttons, so, I need to convert 4 buttons (with all they 16 combinations) to MIDI notes, plus I added 2 more buttons to go one octave up and one octave down. Here it's the patch as far as I could get, it creates the notes starting from C (midi 60) but the note never goes off and I have serious problems with the octaves. I can't understand my mistake so, if someone smarter than me can find int please explain me,  I'm new on puredapa and I want to learn and understand more. THANKS.

Attachment Icon finger_to_note2.pd, Size: 3,766 bytes, Downloads: 36



#2 2011-12-04 00:16:35


Re: Creating My own finggering to MIDI for custom interface

Solved, just took a complete diferent aprouch. Is someone wants the final patch just ask for it.



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