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#1 2011-08-10 17:58:35


video tracking

Hi guys,

i'm trying to implement a system to track robots by a webcam. My problem is, it is difficult to track more than one robot with the PIX basic objects.

My system comport three robots identified by plates of different vivid colors, red, green and blue, and a platform with amoeba form that probably will be white or black in the final.

I've already tried to implement the track with pix_movement and it worked very well with just one robot. To work with two robots i thought it would be better to separate the RGBA matrix, to focus in each color, and have a functional track of each robot separately. BUUUT, it did not work very well, because the separated matrix did not present a good contrast of the predominant color, as a nice and big red mark over the red robot, for example, Instead of it, i had a very messy image caused by the interference of the background colors.

to filter and track the image i used:
pix_separator - to use 3 different images
pix_threshold - to keep just the wanted color, if it is high enough
pix_gain - to intensify the required color
pix_movement - to track the movement of the robot
pix_blob - to track the center of mass

One solution i thought its to use a filter that can recognize the image in another format, not RGBA, a format that differ colors, saturation and highness in different values and scales. Does it exists?

Thanks very much for reading it, i would be very glad if you could help me! =)



#2 2011-08-26 12:48:42


Re: video tracking

I suggest to use openCV for this kind of jobs. You have more functions to handle different kind of traking and data. Take a look to it:
http://www.hangar.org/wikis/lab/doku.ph … ata_opencv




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