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#1 2010-01-24 01:13:41

Touch Screen Sequencer, PureData and Python

Hi all,

I feel that this is now at the point where i can start showing it to people and possibly getting some feedback. This is based off a Midi sequencer i wrote for the NDS but is now aimed at my touchscreen tablet which has a much bigger area to play with.

everything can be downloaded from my github repository


The sequencer has two parts :-

Pure Data sequencer does all of the data stuff, midi sequencing, value storing.
The Python GUI just makes everything easier to use and a bit prettier than stock PD. It uses pygame for all the graphical stuff so you will need this to be installed as well.
The two communicate over OSC and my eventual plan is to have the tablet communicate with a rackmounted server over a wireless netwwork.

2 channel types, Grid and Curve. Grid features 8 grid based patterns either 8 * 16 or 16 * 32 sized grids. The patterns themselves are sequencable and there is a follow mode that shows the patterns being played on a channel so you can more easily edit it on the fly.
The curve channel features 8 wavetable LFOs with user drawable waveforms, variable lengths and independant midi channel capabilities. They currently only do standard Midi CCs and no pitch bend but thats something I want to change soon.

The sequencer sends out Midi clock start/stop/clock information so it can be used as a master clock for a bunch of gear. It currently doesn't sync to a midi clock but again i'd like to do that eventually.

I've tested the whole thing a bit and it works however i'm sure there are going to be more issues. Any feedback is welcome, even if its people just giving advice on how to do something better. The user interface is currently ugly but then i'm an engineer not a graphical designer :P

I hope people find this useful or informative or hopefully both.

Thanks for taking a look




#2 2010-01-25 21:12:47


Re: Touch Screen Sequencer, PureData and Python

Video?  Screenshots?



#3 2010-01-25 22:37:56

Re: Touch Screen Sequencer, PureData and Python

hehe, i'm working on it :P unfortunatelly life gets in the way sometimes. and by that i mean all the time


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